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What is ECA Stack?

How to Boost Your Metabolism without Diet Pills


What is ECA Stack?

ECA Stack includes Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. This combination helps to get rid of unneeded fat very quickly. But it’s very important to take the ingredients in proper dosage. As a rule ephedrine is considered to be taken with caffeine in proportion 1 to 10. It means that 13 mg of ephedrine should be taken with 130 mg of caffeine and with 21 mg of aspirin.

How does it work?

The combination of ephedra, caffeine and aspirin increases the metabolism and therefore the amount of burnt calories also is increased. You begin to take fewer calories because your appetite is suppressed. So the amount of used energy is much greater than the amount of consumed energy and as a result you get the loss of weight. Caffeine increases the levels of fatty acids in the blood and works as a mental stimulant and the fat is used as a preferred source of energy. The use of aspirin makes the body temperature slightly grow and as a result more energy is used. The well known thermogenics are called so exactly because of this effect of increasing the heat production.

Side effects of ECA Stack

If to talk about side effects of ECA Stack we should say that people with a good health state usually have no problems and no contraindications. But it concerns not all people and we should mention such side effects which the use of ECA Stack can cause as headaches, nervousness, problems with sleeping, dizziness, palpitations, tremors, increased blood pressure and heart rate.

It’s already proved that the use of ECA Stack in proper ratios is totally safe. But we should say that it will work and do no harm to your organism only used alone and starting with less dosage than recommended. It’s better not to combine the use of ECA Stack with exercises if you haven’t done it recently.

Ephedrine HCL products

Pure Ephedrine without Guaifenesin - Only Pure Ephedrine HCL

ephedrine plus 6 tabs

DMD Pharmaceuticals Ephedrine Plus, 12.5mg Ephedrine HCl, 6 Tabs
$9.97, 2-3/$9.55, 4-5/$7.95, 6-11/$7.75, 12-23/$7.55, 24-53/$7.25, 54+/$6.95
DMD Pharmaceuticals Ephedrine Plus is a famous diet product as asthma agent because of it super-strong content of 12.5 mg Ephedrine HCl and 200 mg Guaifenesin.
Speaking about weight-loosing effects it is necessary to underline that Ephedrine Plus is a favorite in the world of diet-pills because of it having two main elements: Ephedrine HCl and Guaifenesin. Ephedrine HCl works as thermogenic element and Guaifenesin is responsible for doubling the effect of ephedra and improving your breath.
Due to the mix of Ephedrine HCl and Guaifenesin you can raise your metabolism, burn fat, get additional energy and stimulate the central nervous system in order to be more attentive. Moreover, Guaifenesin makes you breathing easier!
So, if you want to forget about extra weight immediately and without loosing the energy, Ephedrine Plus is the right product you need!