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How to Boost Your Metabolism without Diet Pills


How to Boost Your Metabolism without Diet Pills

Metabolism is the procedure in which the foodstuff eaten by you is broken down into energy by your body and then it is stored as fat. Faster metabolism means more calories burnt ultimately resulting in less fat accumulation. As we grow our metabolism slows down which is not considered as good sign for health. In order to increase metabolism many people prefer taking diet pills and they don’t know that these pills are really unsafe.
But there are several ways by which metabolism can be boosted without consuming diet pills. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Consumption of breakfast regularly- Healthy breakfast is considered the best meal of the day. Regular breakfast not only keeps your mind and body fresh but also keeps them active throughout the day. Skipping of breakfast makes your body go into starvation mode as a result the level of released energy is low and the number of calories burnt is very few. This makes your metabolism slow down adversely affecting your body. In comparison to today’s people; early nomadic had a body that was capable to survive without food for several days. But now this system cannot be followed as the body stops functioning without food.
  2. Frequently consumption of small meals- Eating healthy snacks five to six times a day prevents you from overeating and hunger signals. These meals keep your stomach full giving you large amount of energy and less calories
  3. Walk keeps your body fit- In order to have healthy lifestyle you need to carry out certain physical activities. These physical activities should be performed regularly rather than weekly. Sitting at same position all day long weakens your metabolism. If it’s possible go for a small walk after lunch and dinner and use stairs instead of lift. This will surely increase your metabolism
  4. Take training to improve your strength-Weight lifting two to three times a week is the best way to raise your inactive metabolism. More calories are used by muscles that are at rest. By weight lifting and resistance training you can burn more than 100 calories per day. Thus strength training activities provides you with great energy and low level of fat.
  5. Protein full diet- When calories are burnt by a body, it digests more of proteins in comparison to sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore diet consisting of more proteins should be consumed which may include meat, fish, beans and diary products. Since proteins are the building material for muscles so in order to release energy protein based diet is necessary.
  6. Vitamins, they do great job-The conversion of food into energy requires a lot of vitamins and minerals. The energy released from burning of food is required by each body cell to maintain the body functions. Thus nutritious food containing vitamins and minerals must be consumed in order to make your body functions run effectively. This mineral and vitamin rich food provides a lot of energy by lowering the amount of calories.
  7. Adequate water is needed for body-Drinking adequate water not only increases your metabolism but also makes you and your skin healthy and fresh. Consuming cold water raises your body temperature by burning your calories. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day in order to burn 100 calories per day
  8. Milk, source of metabolism improver-Drinking more milk burns a large number of calories. The calcium present in milk reduces parathyroid hormone which results in fat burning. Especially, low fat milk provides great energy and increases metabolism.
  9. High calorie nuts-According to some researches high calorie nuts such as peanuts and almonds must be consumed on regular basis in small amount as these high fat nuts increase your metabolic rate.
  10. Green tea – According to a research made in Geneva University, Switzerland it is said that people who prefer drinking green tea or oolong tea burn higher calories than people who drink normal tea. This tea not only provides them with energy but burns a lot of fat.
  11. Be spicy!-Eating spicy food increases metabolism. Capsaicin is a compound which is normally used to add spice which increases your body temperature as well as metabolism to provide you with energy. Not much of spicy food should be consumed as theylessen your hunger.
  12. More stress, more fats-When you are in stress a hormone known as cortisol is released which breaks the proteins to glucose resulting into excess of fat which starts accumulating in your stomach. This hormone cortisol reduces other hormones which are essential for healthy metabolism. Thus less stress means healthy metabolism and the better fat burning.
  13. Healthy sleep, good functioning of metabolism-A good sleep is really necessary in order to get energy. People suffering from sleep disorders suffer from other problems such as breaking down of carbohydrates and bad functioning of metabolism. Thus inadequate sleep results in low burning of calories and increasing fats. Research made in Chicago University says that people who have lowered down their time of sleeping from eight to four hours are victims of diabetes.